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Welcome to
Creating 2019

The success vault for creating an extraordinary year. Here you will find various workbooks, digital tools, trainings and meditations designed to support you in creating and manifesting an EPIC 2019.

Creating 2019 Blueprint

CREATING 2019 is a blueprint that ignites a fire in your soul, keeping your dreams + goals at the forefront of your mind.

Your CREATING 2019 BLUEPRINT will create the clarity and foundation for you to stay focused on what matters most. Dreams are the promises of your soul. Thank you for believing in you + the power of your dreams.

$22/JUST $11

You Get: The Blueprint, Moon Kit, Dream Big Youth Kit

Daily Checkin –
Who Am I?

CREATING 2019 Daily Checkin is your place to check in with you. It gives you space to declare your daily affirmation + intention, getting super intentional in manifesting awesomeness from the inside out.

The AMPLIFY DAILY 6 gives you specific areas to focus on for your epic day!


Moon Kit

This moon kit is designed for you to create powerful 2019 New & Full MOON INTENTIONS.

Use your moon kit as a magick wand for you to release & shed (full moon) and renew & manifest (new moon). As a bonus we created a DIY BIRTH CHART for you.


You Get: The Blueprint, Moon Kit, Dream Big Youth Kit

Free Creating Planner


Get excited for what you have called in, with places to write down your vision + your intention + your goals for your epic year, day and life…This is YOUR YEAR.


Dream Big Youth Kit

Dream Big Youth Kit is a youth’s guide to kicking ass in 2019. This is the perfect blueprint for Tween and Teen leaders to dive in and ask themselves the powerful questions that will catapult and quantum leap their future and success. 


You Get: The Blueprint, Moon Kit, Dream Big Youth Kit

Create 2019 Bundle

You Get: The Blueprint, Moon Kit, Dream Big Youth Kit

10 Steps to Freedom

What is Freedom, really?

We believe freedom as an individual is being able to do whatever you wish, whenever you wish to; a moment to moment sweet, blissful life that flows. Through this ebook, we share a morning ritual considered one of the best ways among many to connect with ourselves and ignite our inner flow, that serves the Greater All.


Think Big Starter Guide

One of my favorite quotes is: “We become what we think.”

Our entire lives from personal to professional, our careers, our relationships, our experiences are guided by our minds.

Our thoughts are creating our reality.

How many times do we actually think about how we think?

If the saying is true, that we become what we think, then we might as well THINK BIG!


Think Big Success Kit

What are your top 3 dreams right now?
The greatest days of your life ahead. BELIEVE IT!

What does it take to really live the life you want?

What separates the ordinary from EXTRAORDINARY isn’t your talent, isn’t your good fortune, isn’t your family upbringing or the cards your were dealt…

The secret is thinking BIG.

$28 JUST $11

Power Circle

Create your success now!

Your way of being, living, and thriving.


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